Walcon are leaders in the hire, sale and transport of shipping containers throughout Ireland. They wanted to increase their brand awareness among non-industry customers and tasked us with developing an effective long-term social media marketing strategy in order to do this.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Although Walcon already had a decent following on social media, they were in need of a comprehensive social media strategy which would increase brand awareness and allow them to compete with their competitors on social media across a larger geographical area.

They tasked us with developing a strategic social media campaign, with the main goals being to increase fan base across all social media platforms, ignite engagement, drive more traffic to their website, and collect e-mail addresses for regular email marketing campaigns.

We launched a full-scale social media overhaul of their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin pages. Creative, on-brand content and messaging were key in keeping current followers interested while also building a new loyal and engaged audience. We ran targeted Facebook Ads grow a relevant fan following and reach potential new customers. Contests and giveaways were also a vital part of the strategy, furthering engagement, piquing consumer interest in the brand and building customer loyalty, while also allowing us to collect e-mail addresses for our email marketing efforts.