Trade Traffic

This local startup tasked us with growing their social media presence to increase their brand awareness among the construction industry in the UK & Ireland.

Social Media Marketing

Trade Traffic was an exciting new startup whose goal was to help local tradesmen and small/medium sized construction firms to grow their business and get more clients. Although they had plenty of experience and connections in the construction network, they had little to know social media experience which was why the approached us to develop them a successful social media marketing campaign.

After extensive research we decided that the channels that contained most of Trade Traffic's potential clients were Facebook and Linkedin. These are both filled with self-employed tradesmen as well as the smaller scale construction and service companies that were perfect for Trade Traffic. We created highly targeted campaigns on both platforms that would entice new customers, and build a large, relevant following for the startup. The end result was a staggering rise in brand awareness for Trade Traffic which in turn led to a large amount of leads which would eventually turn into clients.